Certificate in News Anchoring

"The Importance of a Certificate in News Anchoring: Enhancing Credibility and Skills" . "Breaking into the News Anchoring Industry: How a Certificate Can Open Doors"

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Certificate in News

"Master the Art of News Anchoring: A Comprehensive
Course for Aspiring Journalists" - Explore the world of
news anchoring with this comprehensive course that
combines practical and theoretical knowledge. Learn
the essential skills required to excel in the field of
journalism and become a successful news anchor. From
scriptwriting and delivery techniques to understanding
newsroom dynamics, this course covers it all. Join us and embark
on a journey towards a rewarding career in news anchoring.
Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Key Learnings

  • To prepare students for news reading
    and anchoring and to provide them hands-on
    experience for industry.
  • This course aims to expose its students
    to the techniques employed in news reading and
    anchoring for live events, TV shows and News shows.
  • This course aims that students can shine
    in challenging careers like Anchoring, Show Hosting, Public
    Speaking and News Reporting etc.
Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Course Projects

Project 1

Reading and writing news,

Project 2

Teleprompter news reading production,

Project 3

Hosting an Interview, Walk through, ENG,

Project 4

Anchoring in Multi camera production,

Project 5

Writing script for films, TV
and news production

Project 6

Panel Discussion.

Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Our Syllabus

  • Learning the tips and tricks of news anchoring.
  • Understanding the importance of voice modulation in news anchoring.
  • Developing communication and soft skills.
  • Learning how important it is to be aware of current affairs.
  • Learning how to write and report for TV news production.


News Anchoring & Script Writing

  • News Anchoring: An Overview-Basics of News Anchoring
  • Script Writing: An Overview; Formats & Types of Script Writing
  • How to Face Camera/Voice Modulation & Diction: Tips and Techniques
  • Basics of TelePrompter (TP) Newsroom: Structure & Function; How to Produce News Shows

Basics of Reporting & Video Editing

  • Beats of Reporting; Production Stages of Reporting
  • Basics of Video Editing Tools & Softwares
  • Editing of Raw Footage; Editing of Reporting Package
  • Editing of News Bulletin, Chroma Key, Editing of an Interview

Media & Contemporary Issues

  • Political Scenario
  • Social & Cultural Scenario
  • Media Laws
  • Other Contemporary Issues