Diploma in Post-

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Diploma in Post-

"Unleash Your Creativity: Learn the Art of Video Editing
in Just One Year" - Are you passionate about storytelling
through visuals? Our intensive one-year programme is tailored to
help students unleash their creativity and master the art of video
editing. Through a practice-oriented approach, students will delve into the
fundamentals of editing for film, television, animation, and multimedia. With a focus
on meeting the advanced standards of the film industry,
Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Key Learnings

  • Students will be able to understand the structures
    and framework of editing and sound recording
    in film and television.
  • Students will be able to demonstratively utilize
    the skills they have gained through the course.
Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Course Projects

Project 1

Editing a sound production,

Project 2

Editing Mise-en-scene and cut to cut continuity production,

Project 3

Editing news production,

Project 4

Interviews, ENG, Multi camera production,

Project 5

Music Video and documentary or short film.

Project 6

Editing all the exercises of Direction, Acting and Camera students

Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Our Syllabus

  • Understanding the history, growth and development of editing in film, TV, and news productions.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of sound recording and its application in film.
  • The elements of sound recording in film and television.
  • Understanding the significance of sound effects in film production.
  • Learning about different aspects of dubbing in a film.
  • Gaining knowledge about different aspects of sound acoustics.
  • Learning about different software used for sound editing.
  • Understanding different techniques in video editing such as cross-cutting, montage and match cutting.
  • Learning different aspects of editing for fiction, non-fiction, short films and music videos.
  • Understanding the various aspects of 2D and 3D animation techniques.
  • Learning about the various fundamentals of visual effects.
  • Gaining an overall perspective of directing films and processes involved in film production.


Introduction to Sound Recording

  • fundamentals of Sound Recording
  • Foley design in Film
  • Aspects of Sound Acoustics

Techniques of Video Editing:

  • Introduction to Video Editing in Film
  • Softwares of Video Editing: Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro
  • Video Editing in TV and News Production

Introduction to elements of Animation and Multimedia

  • Introduction to elements of Animation (2D and 3D)
  • Multimedia Tools
  • Visual Effects Training

Direction, Production and Post Production for Film & TV

  • Introduction to fundamentals of Direction
  • Production
  • Editing of Film Productions