Diploma in Film and TV Production

film that truly speaks to your personal vision and passion.Share behind-the-scenes footage of your creative process while making

Ravi Sarin Film Institute

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Diploma in Film
and TV Production

"Master the Art of Filmmaking: A Comprehensive
Guide to Screenplay Writing, Acting, and Cinematography" - Dive into
the world of filmmaking with our one-year intensive program that
covers all aspects of the craft. From understanding the fundamentals of
screenplay writing to honing your acting skills
and mastering the art of cinematography, this course offers a practice-oriented approach
to help you excel in the film industry. With a strong focus on video editing
and sound recording
Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Key Learnings

  • Enable students to understand the structures and
    framework of writing and producing film
    and television content.
  • Enable students to demonstratively utilize the skills
    they have gained through the course.
Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Course Projects

Project 1

Writing, Directing and making Mise-en-scene

Project 2

cut to cut continuity production,

Project 3

news production,

Project 4

Interview, ENG,

Project 5

Multi camera production,

Project 6

Music Video and documentary or short film of 5 to 15 Minutes.

Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Our Syllabus

  • Introduction to the elements of screenplay.
  • Learning how to develop a screenplay.
  • Learning about cinematography and lighting techniques.
  • Understanding the different elements of post-production.
  • Learning different techniques of editing and sound recording for film and TV.
  • Learning how to develop products for film and TV.


Introduction to the Basics of Screenplay and Film analysis

  • Introduction to the elements of screenplay
  • Developing a screenplay
  • Film Studies & Analysis

Introduction to Cinematography in Film and TV

  • Introduction to Cinematography
  • Camera, Equipment & Accessories
  • Lighting Techniques

Introduction to Fundamentals of Editing and Sound Recording in Film & TV

  • Introduction to Elements of Post Production
  • Techniques of Editing in Film and TV
  • Techniques of Sound Recording in Film and TV

Pitching and Production for Film & TV Productions

  • Developing Films/TV Projects
  • Production of approved Film & TV project ideas/scripts
  • Production of approved Film & TV project ideas/scripts.