Diploma in
Animation and VFX

Showcase the step-by-step process of creating a captivating animation or VFX scene, from initial concept to final product, to give aspiring animators a behind-the-scenes look at the industry.

Ravi Sarin Film Institute

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Diploma in
Animation and VFX

"Discover the World of Animation and VFX: Explore the possibilities
of 3D animation and visual effects with our Diploma in Animation
and VFX program. Learn how to bring your imagination to life by
transforming 2D drawings into dynamic 3D models. Develop the
skills to make characters come alive, express emotions, and engage
audiences through movement and expression. With this comprehensive
course, you'll unlock a world of exciting career opportunities as a graphic
artist, storyboard and concept artist, digital artist,
cartoonist, animator, or character designer."
Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Key Learnings

  • Understanding animation and its importance
  • Learning how to design and develop characters digitally
  • Understanding different aspects of print media design
  • Learning 2D/3D digital animation techniques
  • Learning about 3D modeling and texture
  • Learn Short Film Creation
  • Learn Audio & Video Editing
  • Learn VFX and Compositing
Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Course Projects

Project 1

Creating a script, storyboard for social, commercial ads

Project 2

Developing logo and brand materials

Project 3

Make a video ad, documentary film

Project 4

Create a motion infographic for different media

Project 5

Environment modeling & texturing

Project 6

Creating a simulation with particles

Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Our Syllabus

  • Understanding all aspects of vector designs, special effects, and web graphics.
  • Understanding advanced raster graphics and the image editing process for 2D design.
  • Learning about advanced digital printing, production, and layout development for online & offline publishing purposes.
  • Learning how to capture, import, and manage footage.
  • Understanding the concepts of motion graphics and 2D/3D compositing by using multiple effects.

  • Getting familiar with all the stages of 3D modeling and texturing using materials and mapping.
  • Understanding the concepts, attributes and placements of digital 3D lights and camera setup.
  • Understanding multiple rig setups by utilizing deformers, constraints, graphs and principles.
  • Preparing a final project report at the end of this semester.