Certificate in Production Direction and TV Journalism

Explore the behind-the-scenes of a film cinema shooting setup with a detailed blog post on the equipment and techniques used in production direction.

Ravi Sarin Film Institute

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Certificate in Production
Direction and TV Journalism

"Unlock Your Potential in TV Journalism and Production with
RSFI's Training Program" - Unleash your passion for TV
journalism and production by enrolling in RSFI's specialized
training program. - Gain a deep understanding of the critical
aspects of directing and producing journalistic content for television.
- Enhance your expertise and practical skills through hands-on
workshops and real-world assignments.
Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Key Learnings

  • Understanding the structures and framework of
    film, TV and TV journalism
  • Gaining experience in producing and directing for the mediums
    of film, TV and TV Journalism
  • Pitching concepts and taking feedback
  • Producing originally conceptualized content
Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Course Projects

Project 1

Directing and producing 20-30 minutes short film

Project 2

Directing and producing 20-25 short film

Project 3

Full-fledged specialized showreel at the end of the course

Project 4

Producing a news bulletin

Project 5

Writing script for films, TV
and news production

Project 6

Developing news packages

Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Our Syllabus

  • Introduction to concepts of print, films, radio, television and news.
  • Learning about different departments of film production.
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a director.
  • Researching for films and TV programs.
  • Learning how to write for films and television productions.
  • Understanding the creative use of the camera and lighting.
  • Learning to record sounds for film and TV.
  • Learning to design sets and selecting costumes for film and TV productions.
  • Pitching ideas and producing original projects.


Introduction to Communication

  • This subject will provide the essential foundation of all key concepts, theories and elements of mass communication.
  • Understanding the mediums of print, films, radio and television.
  • Structures of films, as well as television and news channels
  • Analysis of existing film television and news content

Producing & Directing for Film, TV and Journalism

  • The students will be familiarized with the various practices of film and television production.
  • The aspects of writing for these mediums,
  • the process of research involved and
  • the production aspects and inputs of developed concepts and ideas.

Pitching & Production

  • This subject will give students hands-on practical knowledge of the essential steps involved in pitching a project and finally producing the content. The exercises will start from:
  • Pitching of their projects,
  • Directing and producing the pitched concept.